is a free ShareX uploader with multiple vanity domains to select from, supporting images, text and link shortening.

  • sub-domain generator and browser: here.
  • Link shortener .sxcu file: here. (can be modified to work with any of the domains from the domain list)
  • Paste uploader ( .sxcu file: here.

  • Contact @Mister_Fix#2812 on discord or by E-Mail or if you believe that an image hosted here violates any laws or DMCA.

  • We have a discord server, join here if you just want to talk or need support.

  • has a collections page here where you can browse popular collections and create your own collections, in order to keep track of your images.

To upload NOT from ShareX:

Allowed file types:
  • png, jpg, jpeg, gif, ico, bmp, tif, tiff, webm

Image upload status codes:
  • Each error comes with a message describing the error exactly but here's a basic list of status codes that the upload endpoint returns
  • 401 - User-Agent not set or no collection token provided
  • 403 - no / invalid upload / collection token
  • 404 - Collection not found
  • 405 - Request method is not POST
  • 406 - Unknown upload error
  • 409 - Image parameter not set
  • 413 - File size too large (over 95mb)
  • 415 - The file type attempted to be uploaded is not allowed
  • 422 - the OpenGraph properties JSON array is malformed
  • 500 - Internal error, please try again later
  • For more info check the API docs.

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